Sunday, July 31, 2005

From behind 1.50

Spoil 1.45

"Remember how 'SNL' had those great parodies of commercials right after the show's opening? Such great parodies that it always took you a while to even realize they were parodies and not commercials? And how the anti-commercials were a hit? So then what happened?"
"What happened is that the sponsors started putting commercials on 'SNL' that were almost like the parodies of the commercials, so that it took you a while to realize that these were even real commercials in the first place. So the sponsors were suddenly guaranteed huge audiences that watched their commercials very, very closely - hoping, of course, that they'd be parodies."
D.F. Wallace, My appearance, 188-89

File 1.24

The real and the virtual, the literal and the symbolic

Schönberger, Klaus: Scheinbar un-wahr oder wie falsche (Online-) Informationen, wahre (‚Real Life’) Ereignisse schaffen. Kulturwissenschaftliche Anmerkungen zum Fake als politisches Handlungs- und Kommunikationsmuster. In: Kuckuck 1/2005. Notizen zur Alltagskultur. Themenheft „scheinbar“, S. 18-23.

Schönberger, Klaus: Apparently un/true or, how fake (Online-) Information creates true ('Real life) events. Cultural Studies notes on the Fake as a political Action and Communication Pattern. In: Kuckuck 1/2005. Notizen zur Alltagskultur. Themenheft „scheinbar“, S. 18-23.
(via Kommunikationsguerilla)

From behind 1.49

Saturday, July 30, 2005


La boheme

From behind 1.48


Where the boys are

Boil 1.53

Told Simple Ranger, whose rate of beer is scary on account of no teeth to hinder maximal swallow, told Ranger how, while was out on Big Dirt watching skies and eating peas out of cans, Minogue Oklahoma H.S. won the state H.S. football title two years back to back with Chuck Nunn Junior at quarterback and defense and myself at Equipment Manager. How in '66, in the state final versusing Minogue Oklahoma and Enid Oklahoma, our sworn and fatal foes for all time, how in the final game's final few competitive seconds Enid, down by five, granted the ball to their giant ringer nameless nigra wingback, who took off from the Enid eleven with the ball in his hands and wrongness in his eyes, meaning harm to Minogue Oklahoma's very heart and self-perception, this nigra blowing through Minogue boys like grit on big wind, plut getting interferences run by two cow-punchers' boys of human form but geologic size, plus a Canadian martial arts expert in a padded bathrobe and metal cleats, who played dirty and low. How (I'm seeing this now, mind) how after a climactic and eternal chase-down-the-field and catch-from-behind, a swift cruel red-bearded and glitter-eyed C. Nunn Jr. brought down the whole stadium house, solved the runner-plus-interference problem at our ten's Enid sideline by tackling the huge cow-boys, the low Canadian kicker, the inhumanly fast nigra, three Enid cheerleaders, a referee, and one ten-gallon cooler of Enid Gatorade, all at one cataclysmic time. Busted a igneous leg on a interferer's spine and healed up in just weeks, bandier than before.
D.F. Wallace, John Billy, 122-123

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

From behind 1.47



All the things we do are pin-up sweet

All the things we do are pin-up sweet

In between we're recorders
In between we try

Boil 1.52

Radio Interview with Elfriede Jelinek here

(.asx file, download and open in Media Player)

(via Das bring uns nicht weiter, thanks!)


File 1.23

In scientific research, as in warfare, it is always prudent-for the sake of morale-to represent strategic retreats in a positive light. All the same, workers in the field must take care not to mistake these retreats for glorious victories.
René Girard, Violence and the Sacred, 90.

Monday, July 25, 2005



Was no reason to complain
it's all been candy cream
neatly, smooth and clean forever

The battle seemed so far away
she never felt the pain
but then one day it came a little

Yet things happened just that way
realize your fate
shut it down, increase the pressure

File 1.22

Es erscheint naemlich deutlich erkennbar, dass der Narzismus einer Person eine grosse Anziehung auf diejenigen anderen entfaltet, welche sich des vollen Ausmasses ihres eigenen Narzismus begeben haben und sich in der Werbung um die Objektliebe befinden; der Reiz des Kindes beruht zum guten Teil auf dessen Narzismus, seiner Selbstgenuegsamkeit und Unzugaenglichkeit, ebenso der Reiz gewisser Tiere, die sich um uns nicht zu kuemmern scheinen, wie der Katzen und grossen Raubtiere, ja selbst der grosse Verbrecher und der Humorist zwingen in der poetischen Darstellung unser Interesse durch die narzisstische Konsequenz, mit welcher sie alles ihr Ich Verkleinernde von ihm fernzuhalten wissen.
Freud, Gesammelte Werke X, 154

For it seems very evident that another person's narcissism has a great attraction for those who have renounced part of their own narcissism and are on the search of object-love. The charm of a child lies to a great extent in his narcissism, his self-contentment and inaccessibility, just as does the charm of certain animals which seem not to concern themselves about us, such as cats and larger beasts of prey. Indeed even great criminals and humorists, as they are represented in literature, compel our interest by the narcissistic consistency with which they manage to keep from their ego anything that would diminish it.
Freud, Standard Edition XIV, 89.

Sunday, July 24, 2005



Waltz for Koop

Spoil 1.44

Ausser der Literatur, die jeder beherrscht, der reden kann, und nicht einer mehr und der andere weniger, die aber gewisse Leute, die es sich nicht leisten koennen, mit einer besseren Methode ueber ihre Umgebung hinauszuwachsen, fuer sich gepachtet haben, hat sich Rainer leider noch nichts untertan machen koennen. Doch die Literatur erfuellt schon sehr, was Rainer will.
Jelinek, Die Ausgesperrten, 20

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Spoil 1.43

Oasis fenced off.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Boil 1.51

Create your own flash animation and watch it on the spot at


example here

(thanks brugbrugsen)


Guitar Town

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Boil 1.50

Lady Ortega recently pointed to another Antville blog with the poetic url
We urge you to visit it often.
Image found there.

From behind 1.46

Klaus stand still und verborgen im Schatten. Diese Maenner wuerden ihn zu Nadia fuehren. Dafuer wuerde er sorgen. Er zog das Landsermesser und schlich naeher an die Scheune heran. Welche Leiden auch immer Nadia hatte erdulden muessen, diese Maenner wuerden teuer dafuer bezahlen. Diese Rechnung musste beglichen werden. Aber Klaus empfand keine Freude. Gerechtigkeit kennt keine Freude.
Bald schon wuerde er Nadias suessen Atem erneut heiss empfangen.
F.K. Konsalik, Die Verdammten der Taiga, 269.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Old Town

Spoil 1.42

Monday, July 18, 2005

Spoil 1.41

Man loses nose in Sin City row
A movie-goer has had emergency surgery to reattach his nose following a fight outside central NSW cinema over the merits of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The 19-year-old was leaving Metro Cinemas in Bathurst at 11.40pm (AEST) yesterday when an argument broke out with another theatre patron, police said today.

The pair fought about whether the graphic, violent action film Sin City had made good viewing, Bathurst police Inspector Cameron Lindsay said.

The teenager's nose was bitten off in an altercation as patrons left the theatre, Insp Lindsay said.

The Age

Spoil 1.40

Symbolic language. Tricky. But is it funky? Is it useful? Yes!

Stephen Szanto writes:

(∀x) (∃y) (x hates y)

meaning “everybody hates me” and

(∃x) (∀y) (x hates y)

meaning “I hate everybody”

(via monochrom)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Boil 1.49

Officer Rocky - To Serve and Protect
Now coming to a beat or kiez near you
(predominantly F'Hain, Schlemmerbezirk)

From behind 1.45

Boil 1.48

Petition to Robert Rodriguez to adapt Gustav Meyrink's Der Golem to film, to expressionist gothic noir.

Rodriguez should have been first choice to direct James Ellroy's The Black Dahlia, but somehow Brian de Palma (yawn) got the job. David Fincher would have been acceptable, David Lynch another ideal contender. Meh.

Meanwhile, as Bibi points out, the 1920 film The Golem is available for download at

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Boil 1.47

Friday, July 15, 2005

Boil 1.46

Try the slideshow at flickr of folks' Biennale photographs.
The tiresome question: what's art, what's not.

Should anbody wish to finance my blogging/vidcastingtrip to the Biennale, here's a breakdown of the funds I require:

  • AU$4,000 wireless laptop
  • AU$4,000 Business class flight
  • AU$8,000 4 months accomodation and living expenses
  • AU$2,000 photographic and video equipment
  • AU$2,000 Salary for my assistant
  • AU$9,000 miscellaneous
  • (edit:) AU$16,000 Bodyguard hire
At the behest of an anonymous tip-off we have decided that a bodyguard will be needed. The anonymous tip-off sounded like an old compadre, the comparativist. can't be... The comparativist has been lost to the interminable depth of the Schopenhauer Archiv. Gone. AWOL. Nada. Zilch.

File 1.22

The microwave, the waste disposal, the orgasmic elasticity of carpets: this soft, resort-style civilization irresistibly evokes the end of the world. All their activities here have a surreptitious end-of-the-world feel to them: these Californian scholars with monomaniacal passions for things French or Marxist, the various sects obsessively concerned with chastity or crime, these joggers sleepwalking in the mist like shadows that have escaped from Plato's cave, the very real mental defectives or mongols let out of the psychiatric hospitals (this letting loose of the mad into the city seems a pure sign of the end of the world, the loosing of the seals of the Apocalypse)
J. Baudrillard, America, 31.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

From behind 1.44

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Thomas Tallis Spem in alium

From behind 1.43

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Spoil 1.39

Today's mail includes this notice:
We have a commitment to our customers to provide a high standard of supply [yada yada yada]
We will need to turn power off in your area at the following time:
In the next month there will be a one off interruption for approx 20 mins btw the hours of 7:30am and 4:20om.
Note: the times indicated are approximate only.
Our response was swift, albeit clumsy:
I've just received in the mail a notification that power supply will be switched off "in the next month for approx 20 minutes btw the hours of 7.30 am and 4.20pm."

That's must be the number one most inadequate notice I have ever received. Your "customers" need more precise information than that. Please advise the specific date and time of the planned power outage.

Chantal Symson, General Manager
Bathing Institute Chantal
28 Taylor St
Nth Fitzroy, 3068

Boil 1.45

No new ityms here for aboot a week.

Heading to Ben Boyd National Park:

Light to Light
30 km, 3 days, easy

This is the only long distance walk in the park. Start at either Green Cape or Boyds Tower and enjoy some spectacular scenery along the way. The walk includes the following tracks:

Monday, July 04, 2005

Spoil 1.38

Exercise to Toughen the Mind
People say to us:
'Sons of a Witch! Sons of a Whore!'
Others say:
'Idiots! Hooligans! Filthy Kids! Asses! Dirty Pups! Pigs! Little Devils! Bastards! Little squirts! Gallows birds!'
When we hear these words, our faces get red, our ears buzz, our eyes hurt, our knees tremble.
We don't want to blush or tremble any more, we want to get used to abuse, to hurtful words.
We sit down at the kitchen table opposite one another and, looking each other in the eyes, we say more and more terrible words. One of us says:
'Shit! Arse-hole!'
The other one says:
'Bugger! Sod!'
We go on like this until the words no longer reach our brains, no longer reach even our ears.
We exercise in this way for about half an hour a day.
Kristof, The Book of Lies, 20

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Boil 1.44

Exercise to Toughen the Body

Other people also hit and kick us, we don't even know why.
The blows hurt and make us cry.
Falls, scratches, cuts, work, cold and heat can also cause pain.
We decide to toughen our bodies in order to be able to bear pain without crying.
We start by hitting and then punching one another. [...]
We are naked. We hit one another with a belt. At each blow we say: 'It doesn't hurt.'
We hit harder, harder and harder.
We put our hands over a flame, we cut our thighs, our arms and chests with a knife and pour alcohol on to our wounds. Each time we say: 'It doesn't hurt.'
After a while, in fact, we no longer feel anything. It's someone else who is hurt, someone else who gets burnt, cut and feels pain.
Agota Kristof, The Book of Lies, 16.