Friday, November 20, 2009

ta hiera grammata

...he claims that the curse is telling him to put kerdos (selfish gain) first, death afterwards (kerdos proteron husterou morou).
R. Seaford, "World without limits", TLS June 19 2009, p.15


Sunday, November 01, 2009

File 2.05

It seems to me that not being wanted is a positive condition [...]
Penelope Fitzgerald, letter to F. Kermode, in: Ruth Scurr, "Shelf life", TLS Aug 22 & 29, p.5


Boil 2.11

Poetry babble, as defined by precedent in these columns, is the quote on the back of the book that purports to illuminate the contents, but in practice obscures them. For the Golden Age of poetry babble, you need to go back to 2004 [...] and Ring of Fire by Lisa Jarnot. A typical chunk of verse reads, "ding dong / dug dirt / ditch dub / chimp chore" - in which Alison Cobb found "both Dante's suffering and the Johnny Cash song's self burned away by passion".
J.C., "NB Taking Care", TLS Aug 22 & 29 2008, p.40