Monday, July 04, 2005

Spoil 1.38

Exercise to Toughen the Mind
People say to us:
'Sons of a Witch! Sons of a Whore!'
Others say:
'Idiots! Hooligans! Filthy Kids! Asses! Dirty Pups! Pigs! Little Devils! Bastards! Little squirts! Gallows birds!'
When we hear these words, our faces get red, our ears buzz, our eyes hurt, our knees tremble.
We don't want to blush or tremble any more, we want to get used to abuse, to hurtful words.
We sit down at the kitchen table opposite one another and, looking each other in the eyes, we say more and more terrible words. One of us says:
'Shit! Arse-hole!'
The other one says:
'Bugger! Sod!'
We go on like this until the words no longer reach our brains, no longer reach even our ears.
We exercise in this way for about half an hour a day.
Kristof, The Book of Lies, 20


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