Thursday, January 02, 2014

wiederkehr - ritorno

Every mythical conveyance - such as Pegasus, the winged horse of Bellerophon - stood for a real ship. And every mythical object with a point - such as the spears of the Greeks at Troy - represented one of the real lodestones by which Solomon's pilots plotted their courses.

Using this dazzlingly original Key to All Mythologies, Herwart reconfigured the entire history of the ancient world. To refine this new chronology he tried to enlist the help of Johannes Kepler, whom he asked to fix the dates of the Homeric poems on the assumption that the love affairs and tiffs of the gods were actually celestial conjunctions and oppositions [...] (Kepler balked).
A. Grafton, "He had fun", London Review of Books. November 7, 2013. 

Just as the state overestimated the threat of disorder after Grosvenor Square [...] it continued to overplay the dangers of dissent in subsequent decades. [...] From the outset, SDS officers were told not to feel 'bound by their rank' when discussing operations, and were expected to 'approach problems in a creative way, eschewing the obedient, plodding mindset of the bobby'. They were meant to become precisely the sort of people who go rogue [...] 
K. Forrester, "Shag another", London Review of Books. November 7, 2013. 

[...] 'the precint reeked of goats, fish, curds, cheese, tar, brine, sweat and woodsmoke, an abode harmoniously shared by Polyphemus and Sinbad'. [...] 'Their melancholy reminiscences about the decaying palaces in the East, the pre-industrial Arcadias of Europe's Orient, with their Romanticist, more or less openly anti-urban and anti-modernist agenda, are unmistakably British.'
 N. Ascherson, "He is English, after all", London Review of Books. November 7, 2013. 

Der im engeren Sinne literarische epische Diskurs kennt die Bindung des historischen Diskurses an die Pragmatik nicht. Er besitzt weder die Kettung der literarischen Produktion an die Normalzeitrechnung noch eine grobe Isomorphie zwischen Konfiguration, Handlung und Deskription einerseits und wissenschaftlich beschreibaren realen Prozessen anderseits. Als Normaltyp des epischen Diskurses kann derjenige Typ gelten bei dem die literarische Production als absolut abgeschlossen vorausgesetzt und also weder direkt noch indirekt thematisiert wird.
J. Link, Literaturwissenschaftliche Grundbegriffe. UTB 305. Muenchen. Wilhelm Fink Verlag. 1974 

Alle Texte, denen keine Handlung zugrunde liegt, heissen nicht-narrative Texte. Wie die Klasse der narrativen Texte (zur Definition s.o.) ist auch die der nicht-narrativen nicht auf literarische Texte beschraenkt (es gibt z.B. nicht-narrative Filme und nicht-narratives Ballett).
Link, ibid.


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