Sunday, May 25, 2008

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Uncle Vanya on 42nd Street

all we can do is live
we'll live through a long row of days
and through the endless evenings

and we'll bear up
unto the trials fate has sent to us
we'll constantly toil for others
now and for the rest of our days

and when we come to die
we'll die submissively

beyond the grave we'll testify that we've suffered
that we've wept
that we've known bitterness

and God will take pity on us
You and I, uncle
God will take pity on us
and we will live a life of radiant joy
and beauty
and we'll look back on this life of our unhappiness with tenderness
and we'll soar

and in that new life we shall rest, uncle
I have faith
we shall rest to the songs of the angels
in a firmament arrayed in jewels
and we'll look down
and we'll see evil
all the evil in the world
and all our sufferings bathed in a perfect mercy

and our lives grown sweet as a caress

We shall rest

We shall rest


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