Saturday, March 05, 2005


Standing in the east corner of her room, he would plan to call out to her words with the u sound: Urals, uremia, Uranus, usual, union, Uruguay, usury, Utopia, etc. etc. This would be followed by words with o: Oklahoma, odious, ore, oil, open, etc. Then words with k: Castle, card, Khartoum, care-free, catastrophe, catalque, Cabbala, Kabul, catharsis, cataracts, etc. The words with es: Esther, Estragon, escudos, Espana, Eskimo, etc. Then words with al: Albania, Alba, Alarcon, Alhambra, algebra, alkaloid, Almira, alms, etc. Then words with is: Istria, Ismail, Istanbul, Islam, etc.