Thursday, August 04, 2011


The first piece of art that Karen Green made after her husband, David Foster Wallace, took his own life on 12 September 2008, was a forgiveness machine. She is standing in the neat, white studio at her house at Petaluma, north of San Francisco, explaining to me how the machine worked and how it didn't [...] "People don't understand how ill he was. It was a monster that just ate him up. And at that point everything was secondary to the illness. Not just writing. Everything else: food, love, shelter…" (The Guardian) | Sie stand am Zaun des Gartenlokals und blickte auf die Havel. Sie fühlte oft Langeweile. Sie ermüdete auch bald. (Rolf Schneider, Hanna) | [...] for in secret Quirke prized his loneliness as a mark of some distinction. (Benjamin Black, Christine Falls)