Sunday, April 11, 2010

nomizein tous theous

Dust Bowl ballads at Bender Bar | a mandolin, a button accordeon, two voices, Jen and Flora | S says there are two types of humour: one makes one laugh at everything, the other at nothing | A's pizza-scented scarf (fire engine red) | El Monstro del Mar premiere at the Astor | concerning the libidinal economy of Psychobilly | Das Buch der Klänge | "Macht scharf wie Schifferscheisse". noch nie gehört | the Kraken awakes | Thinking of F & B & M & B | Find & watch Naomi Kawase's Sharasojyu | Find & watch Dominik Graf's Die Freunde der Freunde | Impressionism as the principle of the aesthetic novice | the secret map to making friends | Chapel St & Kastanienallee | Waiting for Orly | boys pee, girls wee. there is no other way | Gesine's sadness, Johnson's proselytizing | a postcard from Shanghai | ohayō kyōdai