Saturday, March 13, 2010


first sentence found in old notebook: "That year I was hired as the night nurse at Bethlehem hospital and fell in love with the intern's legs." | F writes I wrote him that I won't stop laughing | Week 3 of Kafka seminar is complete. No pay, no staff number, no room keys. No human contact with HR possible ("your call is important to us"). This week's seminar: The Hunger Artist. Next week's seminar: A Report to an Academy. | eppur si muove | There are now more signposts on campus than courses on offer | all that is solid melts into PR | the neighbour listens to Morricone while building a carport | "Presque tout de suite après, au-dessus du vacarme de l'atelier, une sonnerie retentit deux fois." | "alles ständische und stehende verdampft" | H writes, "Giannoli was talking on Zerkalo's 'shot with the wind through the bushes', that Tarkovskiy used a helicopter with it."