Sunday, February 28, 2010

i resti

a sticker on a car's rear window announces 'DELEUZE WAS RIGHT' | S says M's Holden-Caulfieldism is the product of 2 years military service | A said she went into a scene she felt she could not crack (hard to believe) | Young pigeons learning to fly in the narrow space between two houses; the fence as launch pad | I writes, "S! look! that man there pointed at something with his walking stick" | the strategic positioning of Cardinale's bosom in Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa | the gentle rhythm of public transportation in Arslan's Der schöne Tag | days and weeks pass when nothing can be photographed | university, a "skilling" and "tooling" machine; see HJ Krahl, 1969 | all murdered in concentration camps: Elli, Valli, Ottla; and Milena (Ravensbrück) | Dora Diamant's threefold exile