Monday, March 31, 2008

pour ainsi dire

For one thing, the appearance of parasitic gaps in domains relatively inaccessible to ordinary extraction is necessary to impose an interpretation on nondistinctness in the sense of distinctive feature theory. To provide a constituent structure for T(Z,K), the descriptive power of the base component is not to be considered in determining irrelevant intervening contexts in selectional rules. So far, a subset of English sentences interesting on quite independent grounds is rather different from the extended c-command discussed in connection with (34). We will bring evidence in favor of the following thesis: most of the methodological work in modern linguistics cannot be arbitrary in an important distinction in language use. If the position of the trace in (99c) were only relatively inaccessible to movement, any associated supporting element is not subject to a descriptive fact.

sez the Chomskybot

We're to conclude not so much that Chomsky's generative grammar has been disproven, but that linguists like laughing, too. Jolly good then.


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