Sunday, February 06, 2005

Spoil 1.03

This is not NEWS, NEWS, or NEWS.
An ever growing reproach to Australia's chattering classes.

This is not news
  • Australian celebrity visiting overseas
  • Australian celebrity reported pregnant
  • Australian celebrity nominated for award
  • Australian visiting overseas
  • World leader addressing kindergarten, boy scouts
  • Puppy fallen into well-shaft
  • Puppy rescued from well-shaft
  • Horse rescued from meat-cleaver
  • Sports personality's choice of vehicle
  • Sports personality's fashion products
  • Brad Pitt separates from wife Jennifer
  • Jennifer separates from husband Brad
  • Non-Australian celebrity reported pregnant
  • Australian actor stars in Hollywood production
  • Citizens frequenting public places
  • Australian actress "rumoured" to stand chances of an award
  • Stay tuned, more to come...
N.B. All examples non-ficticious.


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