Saturday, July 07, 2012

el imparcial

Lebet wohl, ihr glatten Säle! Glatte Herren! glatte Frauen! Auf die Berge will ich steigen, Lachend auf euch niederschauen. || In the theatre the public sympathized with the unequal lovers and applauded the basic Enlightenment ideal that informed such works: that all people are equal. But it did not take the same view in real life. (O. Figes, Natasha's Dance, Picador: New York, 2002, p.32) || As war with the United States became imminent, it was a common perception among the royalty and politicians that the loss of Cuba would provoke widespread disorder leading to the collapse of the Restoration system. Indeed, rooms were prepared in the Vienna palace of the queen regent's cousin, the emperor of Austria, in case she had to flee from Spain. (S. Balfour, "Riot, Regeneration and Reaction: Spain the Aftermath of the 1898 Disaster" in: The Historical Journal 38:2 (1995), p.406) || An editorial in the daily, El Imparcial, argued that the cause of the problem was the inequality of the sacrifices being demanded by the government for restoring the health of the Spanish economy and it noted that the protest was taking the shape of a social war. (Balfour, 410) || Schwarze Röcke, seidne Strümpfe, Weiße höfliche Manschetten, Sanfte Reden, Embrassieren –Ach, wenn sie nur Herzen hätten!