Tuesday, November 30, 2010

os deuses e os mortos

He had found the thing which modern people call Impressionism, which is another name for that final scepticism which can find no floor to the universe. (GK Chesterton, The Man who was Thursday) | Manisha Ma Bhairvara worships the Goddess and engages in tantric ceremonies in the cremation grounds of Tarapith, in Bengal. Lal Peri is a devotee of the Sufi saint Lal Shabbaz Qalander. Tashi Passang lives as a Tibetan monk in Dharamsala, in India. Hari Das is possessed nightly by a god during a cycle of theyyam ritual performances every December to February in Kerala. Rani Bai is a sacred prostitute (a devadasi) in a town in northern Karnataka. Kanai is a blind minstrel who sings with the Bauls ("crazies"), an antinomian sect, at Kenduli, in West Bengal. Mataji wanders as a member of a sect of Digambara ("sky-clad", that is, naked) Jains at Sravanabelgola. Mohan was a low-caste singer of the epics of the cavalier hero and deity Pabuji in Rajasthan. Srikanda Stpathy is a Brahmin idol-maker [...] (W Doniger, "Balm for the wounds", TLS Jan 8 2010) | For the proponents of the so-called B-theory, there is no ontological difference between what is past, present or future: all events are equally real, wherever and whenever they occur. For the proponents of Presentism - much in vogue - reality is confined to the here and now: both past and future are equally (and completely) unreal [...] There is also the "Moving Spotlight" view, which grants some degree of reality to both the past and the future, but holds that only those events that fall under the steadily advancing beam of the present are fully real. (B Dainton, "Past, what past?", TLS Jan 8 2010) | The nadir was probably signalled in 1985 by the great schism in the British Worker's Revolutionary party, when the scandal over the late Gerry Healy's antics with new female members caused a split into two factions known to party members themselves as the "fuckers" and the "wankers". (Donald Rayfield, "Death imitates art", TLS Oct 23, 2009, p.12) | Memory Lane (Mikhael Hers, 2010): trailer


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