Saturday, November 06, 2010

the passage to cosmos

[The devil] is as high as a child of two. Its depth is a foot, fifteen inches. The air stirs around it, invisibly. I am cold, and rinsed by nausea. I cannot move.... It has no edges, no mass, no dimension, no shape except the formless; it moves. I beg it, stay away, stay away. Within the space of a thought it is inside me, and has set up a sick resonance within my bones and in all the cavities of my body. (Hilary Mantel, Giving up the Ghost) | For I dance /And drink, and sing, /Till some blind hand /Shall brush my wing. (Blake) | But I pray to Mnamosyna, the fair-robed child of Ouranos (Pindar) | And live alone in the bee-loud glade | Lee Barker as Tarzan: link | The old Baron, the most loquacious man of his time, was effectively silenced. (Laura Dassow Walls, The passage to Cosmos): link | Im raschen Trabe ging es, die Friedrichstrasse hinunter, erst auf das Rondell und das Hallesche Tor zu, bis der tiefe Sandweg, der zum Kreuzberg hinaufführte, zu langsameren Fahren nötigte. | They went down Friedrichstrasse at a quick trot, first toward the roundabout and the Hallesche Tor, until the deep sandpath leading up to the Kreuzberg necessitated slower driving. (Fontane, Schach von Wuthenow)