Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tam ve-lo nishlam

[...] ich erklärte dort dem Direktor, nicht ganz wahrheitsgemäß, aber auch nicht ganz erlogen, meine Kündigung damit, daß ich das Schimpfen, das übrigens mich direkt gar nicht betroffen hatte, nicht ertragen könne [...] - Kafka, Brief an den Vater, Reklam, p.27 | [...] and the explanation I gave the director for my resignation was, though not strictly in accordance with the truth, still not entirely a lie: my not being able to bear the scolding, which incidentally had not actually been directed at me - Ibid. | ...that they are always looking for new shapes of furniture for their eyes, but yet wish their ears to avoid such things? - Auerbach, "Figura", p.15 | [Freud and Jung] helped spread the rumor [...] of the origin of his spreading syphilitic infection. Freud, who shared Lou with Nietzsche, traced down the ostensible lues or luetic pathology to Nietzsche's having visited as we all know a bordello; but, Freud adds, a male bordello and, more precisely still, Nietzsche is said to have contracted syphilis in a Genoese male brothel. - Avital Ronell, "Hitting the Streets", Finitude's Score, p.68 | In the evening we acted still more insanely. The three of us [Deussen, Nietzsche, ?] were wandering through the streets of the little town making overtures to the girls we assumed to be behind the windows. - Ibid., p.75 | nova figura oris ("unaccustomed form of face") - Auerbach, "Figura", p.11 | The nineteen-sixties were the golden age of smoky, inebriated parents. Once, while lurking at the edge of one of my parents' parties, I looked across our smoke-filled living room and saw my father attempting to prove an old contention of his, that his navel was off-center - David Owen, "The Dime Store Floor", The New Yorker, Jan 25, 2010, p.37