Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nova figura oris

Apple critter - variation of elbedritsch; Imaginary animals or monsters that people around here tell tales about; Hunting for him is like snipe hunting - Dictionary of American Regional English Vol 1. 1985, Harvard, p.77 | bei Luther: Schwermgeister - Duden «Etymologie» – Herkunftswörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, 2. Auflage,1989 | Gamahuche: to perform fellatio or cunnilingus; E. Sellon (1865): 'Quick, quick, Blanche!' cried Cerise, 'Come and gamahuche the gentleman!' - The Oxford dictionary of slang (1989) | We have, as he says in De lingua latina (9,21), taken over new forms of vessels from the Greeks; why do people struggle against new word though they were poisonous? Et tantum inter duos sensus interesse volunt, ut oculis semper aliquas figurars supellictilis novas conquirant, contra auris expertes velint esse? - E. Auerbach, "Figura" in: Scenes from the Drama of European Literature, p.15 | [...] in the sense of the old Hebrew phrase tam ve-lo nishlam (it is finished but not completed) - Yerushalmi, Freud's Moses, p.96