Monday, October 08, 2007

Spoil 1.98 motion & mortality

About fix o clock I was on the defcent to Menil montant nearly oppofite the Gallant Gardener when fome people walking before me Hauing all at once haftily afide I faw a large Daniih dog rufhing on me which running a great pace before a coach had not time to flop his courfe or turn out of the way on perceiving me I judged the fole means to avoid being thrown down was to make a good leap foexacT that the dog might pafs under me whilft I was in the air This idea quicker than lightning and which I had neither time to reafon on nor execute was my laft before the accident 1 neither felt the blow nor the fall nor any thing that followed till the moment I came to

It was almost night when my senses returned...


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