Tuesday, August 21, 2007

...for whom?

Recently a junior researcher on gentrification in East Berlin has been charged under new German anti-terror legislation and, after being flown to Karlsruhe to appear before a federal court, is now being kept in solitary confinement in a federal prison. His crime seems to be that phrases from his published research appears in a left-wing group's pamphlets, abstruse words like "gentrification". I don't know if he actually does belong to the group, but he doesn't seem to be charged with actually doing anything, just possibly writing for them - clearly a heinous crime in our current condition. He apparently has also been under surveillance for more than a year in the lead up to the anti-G8 conference recently held in Germany.

I'm attaching English language background, an open letter, and the amazon link to his book. There's an open letter of solidarity on this web site:


If you click on "unterstuzung", then there's the letter that you can sign. A translation is attached, and there are more links on the site if your German is semi-robust. This would be a good issue to pass onto the Guardian if someone has contacts there.

from: Marxist Cultural Network [mailto:MCN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK], On Behalf Of Shapiro, Stephen, received by e-mail, 17.8.07


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