Saturday, July 07, 2007

Spoil 1.95

Not to be silenced by the grandeur of the institution or its famous members, [Housman] did not conceal his contempt for the scholarship of the great Benjamin Jowett, Regius Professor of Greek and master of Balliol, calling his Plato ‘the best translation of a Greek philosopher which has ever been executed by a person who understood neither philosophy nor Greek’. [...]
The days could be given to Manilius, the evenings to extensive reading or to such avocations as research into Latin obscenities. He had a private lavatory and, declaring himself to be a philosophical hedonist, refused on principle to allow his less fortunate neighbour, Wittgenstein, to use it.
F. Kermode, 'Nothing for Ever and Ever', LRB 29:13 July 5 2007.



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