Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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On May Day the entire community turned out, men, women and children, home-made banners proclaiming slogans of the "United Front against Fascism" waving alongside the official ones. The long march to Hyde Park started early in the morning, contingents of the Labour Party, the Co-ops, the Communist Party, the Independent Labour Party marching through the long day to join other thousands from all parts of London in the traditional May Day labour festival.
Everyone took a lunch in a paper bag, and there was much good-natured jostling and shouting of orders, and last-minute rounding up of cildren who had darted away in the crowd. Philip and Roger taught us some new songs to sing on the way -parodies on Communist songs: "Class conscious we are, and class conscious we'll be, And we'll TREAD ON THE NECK of the bourgeoisie!", "Oh, 'tis my delight of a dirty night to bomb the bourgeoisie!", and a sarcastic version of "The People's Flag": "The People's flag is palest pink, It's not as red as you might think."

J. Mitford, Hons and Rebels, p.145


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