Saturday, April 07, 2007

nichts 0.5

I gave birth to myself,
I came into my own womb.
Refrain: Enough now of vows, my yearnings have passed away
It is good that I fell prey
and I died that day
Looking both ways,
Tuka is as he is.

My death has died
and made me deathless.
Refrain: The place is erased, the bottom is erased. The body's emotions have been stripped.
The flood has come and gone,
I have held firmly to life.
Tuka says, the accumulated store is finished;
truth has come through.

Poems #1337 & # 2348 by Tukaram, in: Omvedt, Buddhism in India, New Delhi 2003, p. 208.


At 10:38 am, Blogger Sashi said...

Google will take you to the lifelong project of a pretty good Indian poet, Dilip Chitre, of bringing Tuka into English. Also what is the logic behind your labeling scheme here on your blog?

At 4:44 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Sashi, I think that "logic" is an ambitious term when describing the labeling scheme on this blog.

Let's make meaning with found
objects and phrases, read and run!


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