Thursday, August 25, 2005

Spoil 1.01 (update)

The Worst. Films that stole my life.
Eligible for nomination are only those entries with an egregious discrepancy between actual aesthetic merit and auteurial ambition and/or press hype. Top Spot taken, sorry. Nominations welcome.
  1. Russian Ark, dir. Alexander Sokurov
  2. Eyes wide shut, dir. S. Kubrick
  3. Primer, dir. S. Carruth
  4. Shadow of the Vampire, dir. E.E. Merhige
  5. Gerry, dir. Gus v. Sant
  6. Dancer in the dark, dir. Lars v. Trier
  7. Magnolia, dir. Paul Th. Anderson
  8. Gangs of New York, dir. Martin Scorcesee
  9. Fahrenheit 451, dir. Francois Truffaut

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At 5:01 pm, Anonymous Bibi said...

What Fahrenheit 451 is doing on that list??? And Gangs of New York just because of Scorsese and Russian Ark is a little boring, but is beautiful. :P

At 6:24 pm, Blogger Geist said...

The Truffaut film because it is boring. And pretentious, humanist shite.
Gangs of New York because it is boring. Because its grappling with the 'mythic' origins of New York collapses into YET ANOTHER Hollywood plot. Because fake Irish accents are the worst. etc. etc.
And Sokurov is right there on the top of my list of ppl to go against the wall when I am king. King.
Because it is HUGELY pretentious, pseudo-thoughtful shite: that film is not aiding the project of memory, or of reflecting art.
So what it's shot in just one take. Artifice. What's wrong with edits in the first place. NEVER have I been that bored and that insulted by the concept at the same time.
The Geist ranteth on...

At 9:14 pm, Anonymous Modeste said...

Russian Ark...tatsächlich eines der langweiligsten Machwerke, die ich die zweifelhafte Ehre hatte, jemals zu Gesicht zu bekommen. Auch Eyes Wide Shut hätte ich mir (und Kubrick dem Rest der Welt) gut sparen können, aber Shadow Of The Vampire? Mit dem formidablen John Malkovich? Den fand ich richtig, richtig gut.

At 9:40 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Am Shadow of hat mir vieles zu sehr nicht gefallen, hab mich sogar furchtbar aufgeregt. Nur ist das Jahre her und ich weiss nicht mehr, was es denn nun gewesen sein mag, dass mich so *ahem* anpisste.
J. Malkovich kann ich nicht ausstehen, aber solche Antipathien hat man und da ist nix dran zu ruetteln, immer schoen irrational bleiben.

At 2:04 pm, Blogger Briggs said...

can i also add anything by david lynch.
I also diagree with 'Gerry' and 'Magnolia'.

At 3:22 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Hrm, only one Lynch film I really couldn't abide: Lost Highway. Others were excellent, I thought (Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive). LH not nearly bad enough to make the list.


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