Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boil 1.58

A labour of love: Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow illustrated by Zak Smith. Certainly a nudge to re-read.

This also reminds me of my theory that Nabokov, Salinger and Pynchon are the same person (all have a dislike of Freud, a fetish for German expressions, the latter two are secretive, etc.)

via monochrom

ps. The plot thickens!
It is frequently stated that Pynchon was a student of Vladimir Nabokov, who then taught literature at Cornell. Nabokov himself later had no memory of Pynchon, and claimed no familiarity with his works; however, his wife Vera recalled grading Pynchon's examination papers, but only because of Pynchon's peculiar half-printing, half-cursive handwriting. (See Nabokov's Strong Opinions.) Further investigations, documented in J. Kerry Grant's A Companion to The Crying of Lot 49, have suggested that Pynchon may only have audited Nabokov's course. Link


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