Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Wrong side of capitalism writes:

U2 as Badiou-ian revolutionaries? Unlikely. Surely the problem with Blairite capitalist culture is not a lack of “yearning, the horizon, the utopian", let a lone a lack of “hairy-chested wailing.” On the contrary, capitalism now thrives on a certain sort of passion. U2 are a great engine for constructing a ’sincerity’ with no content (they mean nothing, but they really mean it). This is the same sincerity that is at issue when arguments about the Iraq war shift to discussions of Tony Blair’s character, with what he believed in the run up to the war. The absence of WMDs serves to retrospectively make him more sincere; thus, the more wrong Tony Blair turns out to be, the more justified he can claim the invasion was. The affects of passion and sincerity are the cornerstone of what k-punk calls innocynicism, the ruling ideology right now.

Touché guv'nor, touché. Problematising the "sincerity" as "insincere" is always permitted, but questioning the "other" flaw in "sincerity" - namely that it is ignorant, self-deluded, pathologic, in denial, or otherwise false without its own knowledge of this falsity- is usually taken as a personal affront, insult, etc. Among other things, this coupling of 'enjoyment' (of the self) and 'sincerity' is a deeply anti-modern dreaming, one that wants to supercede modernity and return to what is assumed to be a pre-modern (Athenian?) state of subjecthood. Here no ambivalence about 'values' and 'decisions' is felt, etc. and being and subject still travel side by side, quietly and in harmony. It's cast as an age before alienation, even before desire, where virtue is really just he pre-modern term for function Or so the myth prevailing in the Geisteswissenschaften (even Lukacs) goes...


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