Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boil 1.41

'Bathing Institute Chantal'


'Chantal speaking...'


'How may we serve your needs?'

'Err, hello, my name is Diane and I am calling from Research Consolidated. Am I speaking to Mr Symson?

'This is Chantal'

'Oh, excuse me.'

'I have a masculine voice.'

'We are conducting phone surveys on several matters and wonder whether you can spare a a few moments?'

'Regrettably we have clients to attend to.'

'I am sorry. Did we call a business number?'

'Yes you did.'

'I am very sorry, thank you for your time.'



At 9:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have longed for the bathing institute myself, in my long sojourn away. How is Chantelle (and the whippett?). I am hoping that your new line of cosmetic aqua will be avaliable via postal order soon.

At 10:10 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Rest assured, our staff at Bathing Institute Chantal strive to serve all your needs.


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