Monday, March 05, 2007

Spoil 1.88

Among his criticisms listed on Conservapedia, Mr Schlafly explains how many Wikipedia articles often use British spelling instead of American English and says it "refuses" to give enough credit to Christianity for the Renaissance. "Facts against the theory of evolution are almost immediately censored," he says.
Mr Schlafly, a lawyer, is the son of a prominent American conservative, Phyllis Schlafly, famed for her opposition to feminism and the Equal Rights Amendment.
Conservapedia was created last November as a project for home-schooled children, Mr Schlafly said, and he believes it could eventually become a reference for teachers in the US. "It is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most reliable online educational resources of its kind," he said.

(via theage)


At 7:20 pm, Blogger Geist said...

We look forward to:

* fascistopedia

* mediapedia

* corporapedia

* lobotomopedia

* pastafariopedia

* typolopedia

It's all headed for /dev/null anyway. Delenda Cathargo!

At 5:11 pm, Blogger comparativist said...

i want my goodgoddamnopedia and i want it now. naw, just kiddin'. actually i want my megalopedia, but i want it in sandstone, in the form of my personal dna, as a monument of my values to posterity and extraterrestrial life.

At 9:38 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Hehehe. I can offer you the mudbrick compendium (with Index for letters A to I, J-Z at extra cost only). 12 vol, 480kg.


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