Friday, December 29, 2006

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The human soul, says Fourier, must assume 810 different forms before it concludes its planetary circuit and can return to earth. Of these existences in the cosmos 720 years are happy, 45 favorable, and 45 unfavorable or unhappy. After the end of our world the chosen souls will travel to the sun! Only those with complete courses are chosen. Before souls spend 80,000 years on our planet, they must have inhabited all other planets and worlds.
Alexander Kluge, 'Transmigration of Souls according to Fourier', The Devil's Blind Spot, 294.


At 2:01 am, Anonymous cipha said...

echt krass, aber wie zum geier hat der gute alexander dieses faktum bitte rausgefunden!? ;-)

At 8:16 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Fourier lesen, Fourier leben!


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