Monday, March 06, 2006

From behind 1.90

Whenever you write say a Word or two on some Passage in Shakespeare that may have come rather new to you: which must be continually happening, notwithstands that we read the same Play forty times - for instance, the following, from the Tempest, never struck me so forcibly as at present,
Shall, for that vast of Night that they may work,
All exercise on thee-"
How can I help bringing to your mind the Line-
In the dark backward and abysm of time

J. Keats, Letter to J.H. Reynolds April 17 1817.


At 2:12 pm, Blogger Geist said...

Prospero .... What seest thou else In the dark backward and abysm of time?
The Tempest Act I. Scene II. l. 60.


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