Sunday, October 16, 2005

Boil 1.71

Agency MROPs whom Terry'd worked with for years had trouble recalling his name, and always greeted him with an exaggerated bonhomie designed to obscure this fact. Ricin and botulinus were about equally easy to cultivate. Actually, they were both quite easy indeed, assuming you were comfortable in a laboratory environment and exercised due care in your procedures. Schmidt himself had personally overheard some of the other young men in Technical Processing refer to Darlene Lilley as Lurch or Herman and make fun of her height and physical solidity, and had been outraged enough to have come very very close indeed to confronting them directly.
In some of the fantasies in which he and Darlene Lilley were having high-impact intercourse on the firm's conference tables Schmidt kept finding himself saying Thank you, oh thank you in rhythm to the undulatory thrusting motions of the coitus, and was unable to stop himself, and couldn't help seeing the confused and then distasteful expression that the rhythmic Oh God, thank you produced on Darlene Lilley's face even as her glasses fogged and her crosstrainers' heel drummed thunderously on the table's surface, and sometimes it almost wrecked the whole fantasy.
D.F. Wallace, Oblivion, 49-54