Monday, April 04, 2005

Spoil 1.26

Just when you think you've discovered something new, you find that it is old enough to have been parodied.
While Cory 'Digital Rights Arrrgh!' Doctorow and Crew's Boing Boing is neither new nor unknown, the parody sites still exude a strange effect.
A postmodern moment will occur when people see the parody sites before the original. But again, this is not all that new. Just watch the Simpsons regularly, and when one day you come across the 'original' reference for a Simpsons gag you will feel that uncanny, creepy sensation.
My favourite is an item that is a spoof on tech-progressivist jargon that works very well irrespective of the Boing Boing genre:

Ingenious wallmod allows items to be stored on vertical surfaces

This guy (warning: site has no pop-ups) modded the wall over his bed with several shelves -- three, to be exact. The lack of visible shelf brackets is very futuristic (although brackets can give a shelf a cool steampunky look). If you want to try it yourself, step-by-step instructions are here. Sweet! Link (Thanks, Francis!)
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